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IT Strategy Implementation

Irrespective of whether you use isolated information systems for specific functions or you are a user of a fully fledged ERP System, we do a complete analysis of your information systems to understand where you are now and where you intend to be. We then propose the most suitable transformation road map to ensure real business value to be extracted from IT.

We offer our project management and technology expertise services to advise and support you throughout the transformation process to ensure successful implementation.

A business transformation exercise irrespective of its form could bring real business value to an organization’s bottom line. It can give you the flexibility to easily adapt to persistently changing economic conditions.  Whether you thrive in business or are currently undergoing financial strain, process optimization powered by the ‘best fit’ enterprise application helps improve efficiencies and better positions your business to thrive in an uncertain global economy.

Most businesses are in one of following categories:

Use integrated or isolated bespoke software or enterprise applications for which you are losing vendor support.  The SW you implemented a long ago is now completely outdated for your current business requirements and is not compatible with current technology. The SW applications are inhibiting your business growth.  Businesses are heavily dependent for support on a handful of vendor employees who are familiar with the old applications; on the other hand, you are forced to depend on a handful of your own employees who are capable of complementing the obsolete system with their knowledge to run the business. There is no business improvement, and each day, the organization is striving harder and harder to survive.


You run one of best enterprise applications but the application is far from optimization.  Whether due to wrong application selection or substandard implementation, you are stuck with the substantial investment made in terms of time and money. The system has weighed down the entire organization. You have generated alternative manual approaches and prefer to work around the enterprise application, leading to lots of inefficiencies. The result is debilitating employee morale and frustrated management.
Now is the time to seize the opportunity…

With GSO …

The time is right for organizations to plunge into business transformation powered by enterprise application optimization.
We offer:

    • An analysis based on deep understanding of the gap between organization’s current situation and the vision for the future (As – Is Vs To –Be). Such a gap could take any form, be it a process gap, resource gap or technological gap.
  • The evaluation of the maturity of the target process and the level of maturity you wish to attain
  • The identification of the  best fit road map and the provision of a BPR roadmap to fill the gap.
    • The implementation of the identified technological  roadmap, vis-à-vis optimizing usage of existing applications, upgrading technology, building add-ons and  providing KPO/BPO/ASO services.