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Application Systems Outsourcing (ASO)

Today’s IT environment is facing permanent cost pressures and increased expectations for driving continuous business improvement. IT executives expect more from their outsourcing providers. They want true business partners who can help translate IT savings into business advantage, and then bring practical innovations and deep skills over time to improve the organization’s competitive position.

As a technology and outsourcing pioneer, GS Optimize offers a full spectrum of Application Outsourcing Services covering application management, development and maintenance. We have deep relationships with ERP providers and we are continually incorporating into our standard services innovations in areas such as cloud, analytics and mobility.
We reduce your application environment costs while continuously optimizing and innovating. Our application outsourcing services can help you realize cost advantages while simultaneously adding improved, strategic value to the business. GS Optimize is sharply focused on making your IT applications more reliable and more cost-effective.
GS Optimize Application Outsourcing Services offer a distinctive value proposition:

  • Reliable, highly productive delivery: We make it work, every time; we outperform the industry in the delivery of application outsourcing services in terms of transition, budget, schedule, service levels and response time, whatever the scale or complexity.
  • Value for price: GS Optimize is cost-competitive for any client and systems environment, and the ability to drive higher levels of performance as part of our standard service gives our clients exceptional value.
  • Meeting your evolving needs: We offer flexible services that evolve to meet your changing IT and business needs.

Our services are highly industrialized and based on industry-standard best practices that help you improve efficiency through IT systems and create more value for the business, .


What we offer

Application Capacity Services

Finding resources with the right skills and experience for your IT organization can be challenging, especially when you need to scale IT teams up and down to match business demands.
GS Optimize Application Capacity Services provide provisioning of skilled IT professionals on an ongoing basis to supplement existing client teams. With this offering, we can provide a rich mix of resources as desired, thereby minimizing cost and maximizing flexibility.

Organizations that use our capacity services can experience a good level of reduction in resource spend by leveraging the team; increased agility by adding a flexible capacity to meet changing levels of demand and a good improvement in project start-up time through access to a wide range of readily available skills and simple contracting.

GS Optimize Application Capacity Services has a team of skilled IT professionals who are available to support your development, testing and maintenance activities at the point of need. You can engage us to bolster your IT staff capacity or to extend your capabilities beyond your existing skill set. We can help you with a broad range of application projects and technologies, including:

Application Development

  • Custom Development
  • Packaged Applications

Application Maintenance

  • Production and User Support
  • Enhancements and small projects


  • Test Assessment
  • Test Planning and Execution
  • Test Automation services
  • Technical Testing
  • Performance, Stress, Stability
  • User Acceptance Testing support – including User Interface testing

Specialized Services

  • DBA services, UI services, Report Development.

We deploy highly skilled professionals to either bolster capacity or provide specialized capabilities that are lacking in a company’s internal IT team.


Application Management

Application management keeps your applications aligned with your business strategy.

Organizations in both the public and private sectors face considerable challenges in keeping their applications aligned with their business strategies. Skills are in short supply, budgets are under pressure and the pressure on the business to keep on changing is continuous.

GS Optimize offers an Application Management Outsourcing solution to help clients maintain, operate and improve their business applications as they strive to attain high performance. Services include production support, application maintenance, small-scale enhancements and service management. We structure our solution according to our clients’ needs. We have the global scale and experience to provide an application management service that helps our clients achieve high performance.

GS Optimize can reduce application management costs for certain applications and increase productivity, while fulfilling 99 percent of critical service levels. We improve response and resolution time by a great extent for certain applications.

In addition, GS Optimize provides access to specialized, scarce skills as needed and enables variable staffing according to business circumstance. We deliver our services through a single point of contact.

GS Optimize works closely with you to maintain, adapt and develop your applications in order to minimize cost and maximize quality and flexibility.

GS Optimize Application Management services enable you to:

  • Gain significant reduction in IT operating expenses
  • Maximize return on investment by improving the performance of your application portfolio
  • Provide business efficiency and continuity by ensuring system and data availability, performance, functionality and integrity
  • Flex up or down as your business strategy and needs change
  • Improve user satisfaction


Application Development and Maintenance Services

Application Development and Maintenance Services from GS Optimize offer the full scope of services to improve your return on IT spend.

Public and private sector organizations are increasingly reliant on their applications to deliver superior service to customers and citizens, and ultimately attain high performance. When it comes to developing new applications or maintaining existing ones, the stakes are correspondingly high. Organizations need to know how soon an application will deliver value, how stable it will be and that its maintenance costs will be minimized while changes are made quickly.

GS Optimize offers Application Development and Maintenance Services that can offer the full scope of services such as development, implementation and ongoing management. Our development model offers a robust and industrialized approach for both new and existing applications across a variety of platforms and technologies.
The clients improve their return on IT spend :

  • GS Optimize focuses on measurable improvements in product quality, reducing defect density, increasing development productivity and delivering on-time and on-budget up to 90 percent of the time.
  • We improve productivity while reducing costs.
  • We help realize more application availability, reduction in bugs and efficiency in processing backlogs.


Application Modernization & Optimization

CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less. With 70 percent of the typical organization’s global transactions running on legacy applications, the spotlight has shifted to how well the application portfolio can drive business results and support innovation while keeping costs under control.

Our GS Optimize Application Modernization and Optimization (AMO) Services  transform legacy applications to achieve high performance and help organizations strip out unnecessary operating costs, while reducing capital spend and freeing IT staff to create value for the business. Our specialists can assist in answering the big questions about whether to migrate, re-platform or remediate legacy applications.

GS Optimize application modernization transforms legacy applications to achieve high performance.
The outcome will be greater value from existing applications with reduced costs, more manageable application portfolios and limited business disruption and decreased risk.


Application Testing

Organizations are looking for new ways to reduce testing costs while increasing testing scalability. This is especially true when companies can spend as much as 10 to 12 percent of the annual IT budget fixing core application problems. GS Optimize thinks more innovatively and holistically about application testing. Instead of testing for quality at the end, we focus on it throughout the application development life cycle.

To maximize our clients’ cost reductions, GS Optimize combines this industrialized focus on quality with productivity improvements and flexible sourcing. Our testing professionals define themselves as stewards of end-to-end quality, delivering testing productivity at a cost-effective price. We demonstrate this commitment by conducting quality assurance activities in each phase of the application development life cycle from plan, analyze and design to build, test and deploy.

GS Optimize delivers cost reductions and scalability improvements and goes one step further. We work to improve testing productivity through automation and industrialization, while also emphasizing a holistic, end-to-end quality strategy to drive quality throughout the application development life cycle.

The scope of our testing offerings spans from strategic to tactical. Our specific services include:

  • Testing Strategy & Assessment: Assisting clients with end-to-end testing and quality assessment process, from planning through final recommendations.
  • Testing Automation: A robust set of tools and assets to consistently support the entire spectrum of automation-related testing activities.
  • Performance Testing: A wide range of strategic and tactical performance test services.
  • Testing Center of Excellence: The implementation and operations of a “Testing Center of Excellence” for clients, either at the enterprise level or within specific business units.


Application Outsourcing Framework: Design, Build and Run

The right software is vital to your business success, but developing it is a job for specialists: GS Optimize has the solution.

From time to time, all organizations (public and private sector) face the challenges of designing, developing and implementing a new piece of software that will enhance their competitiveness and continue progressing toward high performance. This process is fraught with multiple risks: How much will it really cost? When will it go live? How will we ensure it delivers on the business case? How will we maintain it? How will we keep the technology current?

To avoid these and other risks you haven't anticipated can take a lot of planning. Protect your investment by teaming with GS Optimize. We offer a Design, Build, Run solution that provides an advanced and flexible lifecycle delivery framework for packaged and custom-built applications as well as measures. It also validates the actual benefits associated with your investment.

GS Optimize has helped organizations deliver high performance through design, build and run engagements. We offer multi-tower solutions tailored to your needs, innovative frameworks and tools plus a global network of delivery centers. We can deliver the following business benefits:

  • Accelerated speed to value
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved predictability
  • Reduced costs
  • Minimized risk
  • Clear measures of success


Transformational Application/IT Outsourcing

Use outsourcing to GS Optimize as a way to transform your application/IT landscape to continue progressing on the road to high performance.

It is well recognized that organizations are dependent to a great extent on their applications to reach their strategic goals and ultimately achieve high performance. Consequently, IT departments are under growing pressure to provide applications that can deliver improved functionality quickly.

The challenge is that day-to-day projects squeeze out opportunities for strategic contributions and innovation. Incremental evolution of the IT function is no longer an acceptable approach, and leaders and would-be leaders are increasingly turning to transformation to achieve their longer-term, strategic goals - in itself a significant challenge.

GS Optimize offers a solution: Transformational Application Outsourcing, which positions IT as an enabler of high performance and bottom-line results. The scope of such an engagement typically includes major application development and significant enhancements and upgrades, as well as application maintenance and production support. It may also include infrastructure outsourcing to help align the changing application portfolio with its supporting infrastructure.

Outsourcing to GS Optimize can help organizations move beyond the cost reduction and industrialization associated with standard outsourcing to reduce the complexity of the IT portfolio and further enhance productivity. Transformational outsourcing can also be used to grow management capability through a focus on service management. And by bundling application and infrastructure outsourcing, the following additional benefits may be obtained:

  • Evaluate and reduce the total cost of IT services for your business. 
  • Reduce complexity of both applications and infrastructure collectively for higher value. 
  • Align your service provider goals across the entire IT stack. 
  • Provide synergy in service and demand management through tighter integration of applications and supporting technologies. 
  • Reduce IT outsourcing management redundancy and cost. 
  • Promote greater IT standardization.


Application Outsourcing for RDBMS

Modernize your legacy systems to reduce risk, improve agility and lower costs: GS Optimize has the solutions to help.
For many companies, Relational Database System has become an essential business tool. However, the challenge is to stay abreast of RDBMS’s new releases which releases time to time. This ongoing cycle of updating raises challenges for IT departments, from basic implementation, through change management and security all while continuing to maintain support for the business’s ongoing development.

GS Optimize offers a flexible RDBMS Application Outsourcing solution and can tailor a suite of services across any combination of RDBMS applications to meet your needs. And, by leveraging a global network of delivery centers, our solution is always up-to-date on latest products.

Our services include application maintenance, production support, small-scale enhancement, service management and release and configuration management. To help drive business benefits and, ultimately, high performance, GS Optimize offers a world-class set of skills, methodologies and tools developed.
By working with GS Optimize, clients can achieve better quality and security, higher levels of availability and more reliable delivery. Specific, measurable benefits include:

GS Optimize helps clients achieve these benefits while consistently meeting or exceeding critical service levels thanks to improved application stability. In addition, GS Optimize gives clients the ability to adjust staffing volumes according to demand.